Trump advocates untrue birther conspiracy regarding Nikki Haley

Trump advocates untrue birther conspiracy regarding Nikki Haley

Former President Donald J. Trump, known for his controversial strategies, has once again ignited a firestorm by targeting political opponents. His latest focus is Nikki Haley, a prominent figure of color, whom he’s challenging regarding her eligibility for the presidency. Trump’s resurrection of ‘birther’ tactics was prominently displayed through his use of social media. He amplified claims that questioned Haley’s status as a legitimate American eligible for the presidency.

Trump’s Misinformation Machine: A Familiar Echo

Employing a tried-and-tested method, Trump leveraged The Gateway Pundit, a platform notorious for propagating conspiracies within the pro-Trump community. The report shared falsely asserts that Nikki Haley, due to her parents’ immigrant status at the time of her birth in South Carolina, doesn’t meet the constitutional requirements for the presidency or vice presidency, as outlined in the 12th Amendment.

Fact Check: Haley’s Birthright and Citizenship

According to a New York Times story, born in the United States in 1972, Haley automatically attained citizenship, debunking the claims raised by Trump and his affiliated sources. However, Trump’s targeting of Haley echoes his prior unfounded and racially tinged conspiracy theories. These actions are reminiscent of his ‘birther’ movement against Barack Obama and challenges against Senator Ted Cruz’s eligibility in the 2016 election.

Legal Battles and Constitutional Scrutiny

However, the stakes have escalated. Trump now faces legal challenges across several states questioning his own eligibility for the ballot under the 14th Amendment. Recent legal victories in Colorado and Maine have heightened attention on Trump’s eligibility. These victories emphasize the importance of his compliance with constitutional requirements for presidential candidates.

Criteria for Presidential Aspirants

The Constitution sets minimal requirements for aspiring presidents. These include a minimum age of 35, ‘natural-born’ citizenship, and at least 14 years of U.S. residency. Additionally, the 14th Amendment, ratified post-Civil War, disqualifies individuals involved in or supporting an “insurrection” against the United States from public office, civil or military.

Birthright Citizenship and Its Controversies

Trump’s past support to end ‘birthright citizenship’—the automatic granting of citizenship to those born on U.S. soil—creates complexity in current discussions regarding his and others’ eligibility. This stance adds a layer of complication to the ongoing debates.

Supreme Court Dilemma: Deciding Trump’s Eligibility

Amidst accusations and legal wrangles, the Supreme Court holds the weighty responsibility of determining Trump’s eligibility under the insurrection clause. The decision could shape the future interpretation of constitutional requirements for aspiring candidates and have profound implications for Trump’s political ambitions. Meanwhile, Nikki Haley’s ascension in the political realm faces a volley of unfounded challenges. These challenges reflect the intense polarization within American politics according to The Wall Street Journal.

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