Predictions For 2022 in Real Estate, The Economy, and Travel

First American News LLC-Raleigh, NC: As we are near the end of the year and into a third “unprecedented” year of the coronavirus pandemic, it can be hard to guess what’s to come in the months ahead – but luckily, we know just the folks who can fill in those gaps. MB Daily News shares their predictions in real estate for 2022 and opinions on what we can expect in the new year. Check back this time next year to see how accurate they were.

Housing Market in 2022

If you thought the housing market was wild in 2021, next year won’t be all that different – for the most part. Kevin Riordan, real estate expert and clinical specialist of Accounting and Finance, offered his forecast for 2022.

“Housing prices continue to rise but more due to supply constraints,” Said Riordan, from The WSJRenewal.

On the other hand, Riordan explains, existing homeowners have seen their neighbors successfully monetize their equity by selling. “More of them will want to do that. Thus, more homes may become available for sale. If the supply increases, housing prices could be curbed.” Click here to continue reading on predictions for 2022 in real estate at The Wall Street Journal...

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