Target Company Recalls 5 Million Threshold Candles

Target Company Recalls 5 Million Threshold Candles wsjnewspaper

Target Company is initiating a recall of 4.9 million glass jar candles due to concerns of potential breakage or cracking during use, posing risks of burns and other safety hazards.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a notice on Thursday stating that the recalled candles, branded as Threshold and part of Target’s home-products line, were available for purchase at Target stores and online between August 2019 and March 2023.

According to the notice, Target Company has received 137 reports of cracked or broken Threshold candle jars, resulting in six reported injuries, including lacerations and burns.

The recall encompasses Threshold glass jar candles in various sizes and scents, with specific item numbers indicated on the bottom of the jars. Target has provided a comprehensive list of the affected products on its dedicated recall page.

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To ensure customer safety, the Minneapolis-based retailer advises individuals to discontinue use of the candles and offers a full refund for returns made either in-store or through mail. The prices of the recalled items ranged from $3 to $20.

Joe Unger, spokesperson for Target Company, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality and safe products to their customers.

Target, renowned as one of the nation’s leading retailers, is renowned for its affordable yet stylish merchandise, known as “affordable joy.”

However, recent trends have indicated reduced consumer spending on clothing, home goods, and other items, which constitute a significant portion of Target’s annual revenue. Company executives disclosed this during a call with analysts on Wednesday.

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In the most recent quarter, sales from both physical stores and digital channels operating for at least 12 months remained stagnant compared to the previous year. Nonetheless, total revenue experienced a modest increase of 0.6%, reaching $25.3 billion.

The retailer’s net earnings for the quarter declined by 5.8% to $950 million, primarily attributed to rising labor costs, inflation, and shrinkage—a term denoting the loss of merchandise resulting from theft or other related issues.

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