Technology predictions for 2022 and advances in medicine and digital transformation

IT and tech leaders look at the road ahead and predict what’s next for hybrid work tools, cloud, AI, and more

First American News LLC, Raleigh, NC: As we embark on a new year, how can what we’ve learned to help us in 2022? If the past two years have proved anything, it is the importance of rapid adaptability in the face of uncertainty. In 2021, CIOs focused on operational agility more than ever before. To prepare for the unexpected and adapt to whatever 2022 holds, companies must further accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and prioritize specific technology trends. To keep navigating this level of change, CIOs know they need to start by focusing on talent retention and relationships.

“The labor challenges we faced in 2021 aren’t about to ease up, so the key to building the best team is retaining your talent,” says Rich Theil, CEO, The Noble Foundry. “You have to make the environment one they love to work in. Develop better ways of working, introduce more fun, and be a lot more intentional about relationships and you’ll thrive in the new year.”  Click here to continue reading on technology predictions for 2022 at The Economist.

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