Tesla Pi Phone Release Date Features and Specifications

Tesla PI Phone Release Date Features and Specifications by wsjnewspaper

Tesla PI phone release date

The Tesla Pi o p is still a rumour circulating on the internet and social networks. But how likely is the launch of a Tesla-branded smartphone? Until now, no real source has confirmed its existence, but; How would this smartphone be?

What is the release date of the Tesla Pi?

Tesla has a catalogue of interesting products, from fully electric vehicles to a stainless steel whistle, to a logo umbrella. Considering this, adding a smartphone would not be unlikely, but its existence is not as credible as the other articles, at least not for now said Jim Murphy of The WSJ Newspaper.

There are a few reasons why we question whether the Tesla Pi will actually be released:

The rumours go back to the beginning of 2021 through a YouTube video but indicate that they are the designer’s ideas, not Tesla leaks. Despite this,most rumours seem to be based on this source.

The ideas that are had for this phone are too advanced to be real, at least at this time, for example, support for neuralink on Mars. These capabilities do not have to be from the first version so you could work without some of these features. It’s reasonable to be sceptical when those ideas are thrown around so soon.

One of the plans or secondary effects of the Neuralink technology is to eliminate telephones; it would be contradictory to work on one.

If those reasons aren’t enough, consider this comment from Telsa CEO Elon Musk himself on the future of smartphones:

We’ll take this tweet as evidence that the Tesla Pi are just rumours. Although Tesla could still launch a phone in the future, for now, there is no reason to believe that this will happen with the data we have now. If the phone is being developed in secret, we may see it
around the year 2030.

Rumours about the price of the Tesla phone

With the technology described below, a current computer with these features would cost a few thousand dollars. As new ones come out, later versions could drop in price as more people use this technology. Assuming a price between $800 and $1200 with features team basics.

Pre-order information

An announcement is expected many months before the official release, even without an official release date for reference. We will provide links relevant information on pre-orders here, assuming we find reliable information on a release.

Tesla phone features

The cybertruck’s exoskeleton and bioweapon defence mode on some vehicles give us an idea of the exaggerated features it could have the Tesla Pi.

This is what we have heard.

  • Satellite Internet: SpaceX internet service, Starlink, has a close relationship with Tesla due to Elon Musk being the CEO of both Business. We could even think that the Tesla Pi helps finance the colonization of Mars, the company’s goal since its inception. But They would have to hide the antenna necessary for the satellite connection and guarantee good service in such a small device. A Theory that could solve this problem is that it would work where there is already a Starlink base nearby.
  • Solar Charge: Tesla is a manufacturer of vehicles and solar panels, so it is not unreasonable to think that it probably does not depend 100% on solar energy but it could have this feature.
  • Vehicle control: The Tesla application already exists for phones to control essential car functions such as locking/unlocking the car. Control the multimedia system, make calls etc. This application could be pre-installed on the phone for quick access to controls.
  • Astrophotography: Phones of current brands use AI and powerful cameras to photograph the moon and the sky. Taking into account the approach SpaceX alien that would inevitably be related to this phone will have a device capable of taking excellent astronomical photos.

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  • Cryptomining: Another rumour is that it would mine cryptocurrencies. Musk has spoken publicly about cryptocurrencies. Although Bitcoin is the most popular, the phone would be able to mine MarsCoin, a name that Elon Musk tweeted.
  • Neuralink Compatibility: The idea of brain/computer interaction is still science fiction, but Neuralink is one of the companies working openly on it. He says he is designing the first neural implant that will allow you to drive a computer with your mind wherever you go, simply with your brain. Could the first phone capable of such a feat be from Tesla? It would make sense to see it here, considering Musk owns Neuralink.

Something less complex will likely be available sooner with just a few features with some Android version of the Tesla brand.

If this phone is real, and Tesla waits for a release until brain implants are available, we’ll have to
wait several more years. While it is true that Musk has wanted this technology to be tested on humans since 2022, it would not be available for everyone immediately because the first goal of technology is to help people with paralysis.

Tesla Phone Specifications and Hardware

Without reliable sources, the physical characteristics of this phone are not entirely clear; we can say that we would have standard characteristics of storage between 512GB up to 2TB, 8GB to 16GB of RAM and a screen size of approximately 6.5 inches.

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